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Installs 2747387
Category: Tools - Application
60+ multi functional tools in a single App, use full for everyday life.
WiFi Calls and Walkie Talkie

Installs 102835
Category: Communication - Application
Free and unlimited WiFi Calls, and Walkie Talkie for local communication.
File Transfer

Installs 2306
Category: Tools - Application
Share and transfer any type of file without internet in 2 easy steps.
All Games

Installs 11683
Category: Board - Game
5 Offline Multiplayer Games using WiFi

Installs 174450
Category: Tools - Application
Use your phone as a Security Surveillance or Monitoring system.
Music group

Installs 387279
Category: Music & Audio - Application
Connect your phones and play music in 4 devices simultaneously to get loud sound
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