WhatsApp Data Leak 500 Million User Records For Sale

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WhatsApp Data Leak 500 Million User Records For Sale Article - November 28, 2022

Hackers have reportedly obtained the phone numbers of around 487 million WhatsApp users from 84 countries. A database of this data was recently offered for sale on a hacker forum.

With a user base of over two billion people, WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform. This means that the leaked database contains the phone numbers of a quarter of all WhatsApp users.

Cybernews reports that of the mentioned 487 million contacts, more than 32 million of them are from the United States of America, 45 million are from Egypt, 29 million are from Saudi Arabia, 20 million are from France and Turkey, 11 million are from Great Britain...

When it comes to Serbia, hackers are offering the phone numbers of 162,898 WhatsApp users from our country for sale.

Cybernews points out that the hackers did not mention how they got hold of this database and suggest that they used their own technology to collect the data.

It's possible that the hackers didn't technically hack into WhatsApp, but gathered the data using "web scraping" technology, which involves running an automated script to verify that websites are being used for WhatsApp.

It is emphasized that it is not possible to find out whether your number is also in that database.


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