Submit App for Free Review

Whole process is simple and easy to understand. Just follow steps. If you already have a registered account on SearchGun, you must log in to the service. If you do not have an account, just follow the instructions. IMPORTANT! You must use public Google Play Developer email address provided in Store presence -> Store listing for certain App, the application you want to submit to SearchGun. Make sure you have access to that email. We will send account confirmation link on that email address.

This process is required if you are submitting application for the first time. The result of this process is user account registration. After registering an account on SearchGun you will be able to add the applications. To make sure you're a developer you will use the email associated with the app you published on Google Play.

Step 1
What is a Google Play ID and how do I find it? The Google Play ID is the unique identifier of an Android application. Application ID is simply a package name e.g. com.myapp.myapp. You can find App ID in the Google Play Developer Console. Sign in to the Google Developers Console. From the Developer console: 1. Click All Applications. 2. Click on certain App. 3. On app page on upper right click on "Info" icon - "i" in circle. Your App ID (package name) will shows up. Copy it.
Password must be at least 7 characters
Password and repeated password must match